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Pixuate Crop Scanner

Identify Crop and Fruits Diseases using Pixuate's Technology

Crop and fruit diseases are a major threat to food security, but their rapid identification remains difficult in many parts of the world due to the lack of the necessary infrastructure. The combination of increasing global smartphone penetration and recent advances in computer vision made possible by deep learning has paved the way for smartphone-assisted disease diagnosis by Pixuate.
Key Features Of Pixuate Crop Scanner
  • Take a snap and get instant results
  • 6 variety of crops and 29 types of diseases
  • Uses the state of the art Deep Neural Networks (DNNs)
  • Trained with 50,000 images
  • User friendly Pixuate GUI to capture & recognize
  • Records the time, date & place of capture of image
  • Non intrusive
  • Errors due to human intervention are avoided
Working of Pixuate Crop Scanner
Pixuate Crop Scanner is an app that allows farmers to identify plant diseases using their mobile phones and provides remedial measures.It is the latest addition to using modern digital tools to benefit farmers. A key feature of the mobile app is automated disease diagnosis. Farmers can upload a photo of their infected crop and the app will provide a diagnosis. Besides giving a diagnosis and steps to mitigate the disease, the app also provides information on preventing the disease in the next cropping season. Farmers are also presented biological treatment options for pest and disease control. Given the rampant overuse of chemical pesticides in India, the app will also help disseminate best practice methods to reduce pesticides. The app also features a library of diseases which farmers can refer in case there is no connectivity. Currently, the database has over 50,000 photographs and covers 6 crops namely Papaya, Chilly, Okra, Tomato, Cotton, and Banana. Every time a farmer uploads a photograph for diagnosis the Pixuate app can identify 29 variety of diseases and even healthy class for 6 crops.
The app can be downloaded on any Android-based mobile device. For farmers, without a smartphone with an extension worker or farm facilitator or progressive farmer equipped with a tablet or smartphone can be the mediator. To overcome connectivity issues, photographs can be taken and later uploaded when internet connectivity is available. Pixuate is of the view that introducing farmers to new technology will help them understand that a mobile is not just a communication tool but an important agriculture tool of the future. In fact, the app partly takes on the role of an agriculture extension worker. Cases, where a farmer cannot identify the disease, are rare and in such cases, farmers can always contact the extension agent or get in touch with Pixuate. Efforts to regionalize the content are also in the pipeline. Pixuate is also working to create the alerts in regional languages and are also transforming the content of the app into icons to help people with limited literacy.
The Ideal Solution
The Pixuate Crop Scanner is an ideal solution for
  • Farms located in remote and inaccessible places
  • Lack of experts for manual observation
  • Large farms that grow a variety of crops
  • Farmers who need a quick identification of diseases

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