Driver Safety System

Driver Safety Systems

Every year thousands of people in India lose their lives due to traffic accidents. The human factor plays a key role in the accidents. In general, the driver fatigue alone accounts for around 25 percent of the road accidents and up to 60 percent of road accidents result in death or serious injury. The main cause of fatigue is sleeplessness or insomnia. So a drivers' drowsiness state is a major factor in severe road accidents that claim thousands of lives every year. In the recent years, use of intelligent algorithms in cars has developed considerably. These systems use WSNs to monitor and transmit the condition of the car and the driver. Smart cars that use software techniques to control engine speed, steering, transmission, brake etc. has improved the quality of driving significantly. Ad hoc networks were the first to develop the automatic navigation systems in cars. A noticeable weakness of these systems is that they don’t respond in real time to the environmental changes. It is especially important in driving where time is a critical factor in driver's decision. On the other hand, another method to check the driver fatigue is monitoring the physical condition and facial expressions of the drivers, which wireless sensor networks are unable to process and transmit this information with adequate precision and a good recall. Hence Pixuate developed an efficient drowsiness detection system using Computer Vision techniques to prevent accidents and save human lives.
How it Works ?
This system analyses the facial features of the driver in the first few minutes of driving and then continuously monitors the pattern of the facial features input given by the driver from time to time. If it is observed that the driver has closed his eyes for more than a few seconds then it's a clear indication of fatigue and drowsy state. The system beeps an alarm to wake him up
Key Features Of Driver Safety System
  • Use of a small camera to detect drowsiness
  • Completely non intrusive
  • Very high accuracy
  • Avoids collisions and saves lives
  • Component establishes interface with the driver very easily.
  • Life of the driver can be saved by alerting him using the alarm system.
  • Automatic breaks can be applied when the driver completely closes his eyes and ignores the warning.
  • Traffic management can be maintained by reducing accidents.
  • Practically applicable.
  • Can be used in vehicles to detect drowsiness. The drowsiness detection system can be used to detect the drowsy state of the driver. If found drowsy the alarm system gets activated and the driver is alerted.
  • Can be used in railway engines for the safety of the driver. The railway drivers mostly have to travel long distance. This system can be used to alert the driver of the drowsy state.
  • Also it can be used for military purpose. Pixuate solutions can monitor the status of a soldier’s eyes and send an alert if he feels drowsy.
  • It can be implemented in factories to keep a check on the machine operator. This system can also be used for the safety of the machine operator.
  • Drowsiness is one major reason for serious collisions
  • The Pixuate system operates by analyzing the driver’s facial features
  • Identifies eye patterns where the driver does not steer for a brief period and then makes an abrupt steering correction
  • System combines the frequency and strength of these reactions with other data, such as vehicle speed and duration of travel, to calculate a drowsiness index
  • Driver Drowsiness Detection identifies when a driver is at risk of falling asleep and sends a warning

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