Pixuate is a Cloud-Based Image Processing Platform. It is provided as a software as a service (SaaS). Pixuate provides Image Processing API's. It currently supports template matching, face recognition, object recognition, character recognition.  Developer API's are available for these powerful tools. For the first time we have combined storage with image processing on a cloud based architecture, which opens a new world of opportunities for the developers across the globe. Pixuate distinguishes itself from the competition by tightly integrating two important services, i.e.,
  • 1. Image Processing
  • 2. Storage
By combining storage and image processing we have not only provided convenience but an ingenious way to "train" your systems to recognize any object. With Pixuate you get a perfect complement of tools. Storage is handled in a "Bucket System". These buckets can be trained with the Pixuate Service Tools to create "Instances". The subsequent Instances are versatile  because of the basic nature of the tools. Pixuate, as a result, has a wide variety of application from Toll Booths to Medical Health. Check out the Use-cases of Pixuate we've planned. The application is only limited by our imagination!