Use Cases

Cotton Yarn Inspection
Defect detection is highly important to fabric quality control. Traditionally, defects are detected by human eyes. The efficiency of this manual method is low and the missed rate is high because of eye fatigue. In the best case, a quality control person cannot detect more than 60–70 % of the present defects. Hence, an automatic inspection system is necessary for textile industry. Pixuate has developed an automatic inspection system using Deep Neural Networks to avoid manual errors and increase the efficiency.
Pixuate Crop Scanner
Crop and fruit diseases are a major threat to food security, but their rapid identification remains difficult in many parts of the world due to the lack of the necessary infrastructure. The combination of increasing global smartphone penetration and recent advances in computer vision made possible by deep learning has paved the way for smartphone-assisted disease diagnosis by Pixuate.
Identity Document Scanning
Organizations need to automate the identity verification process using various Government issued structured formats such as Passport, Aadhaar Cards, Driving Licenses etc. These documents are received in the form of emails, fax, PDF and are being manually processed by the backend team. Pixuate is offering an Identity Document Scanning Solution which uses deep neural networks to process structured formats (emails / fax/ pdf, html, excel etc.,) into formats (xml,csv,xls,json) which can be directly read by existing ERP systems.
Facial Attendance System
Pixuate’s Face Recognition Attendance Systems are built using Deep Neural Networks and can help you in cost saving because these systems are available in affordable prices. This software help in bringing punctuality in the organization because they keep records of employees in and out timings. Pixuate’s Face Recognition Attendance Systems are best suited for factories, construction sites, labor attendance and even schools and colleges.
Purchase Order Automation
Pixuate®’s Purchase Order Processing solutions processes and delivers critical data accurately and on time. With our solutions one can make purchase order processing completely paperless and people independent. Organizations can process purchase order documents received in any format and structure using Pixuate® solution. Our solution is completely paperless and totally eliminates manual work and the human errors.

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