Analytics-backed accurate screening in times of Covid-19

From large enterprises to public spaces including bus terminuses, airports, malls or even railway stations, all have to deal with the risk of exposure to the Covid-19 virus. It is imperative to control the risk with effective crowd management. 

Pixuate’s automated video analytics platform provides fast, accurate and convenient screening of compliance and regulatory measures,  such as temperature reading or social distancing, in real-time, backed by accurate analytics. 

Scalable, easy-to-deploy and intelligent video analytics built for enterprises

Modern enterprises like yours are forever worried about keeping  people, physical infrastructure and software assets safe, in a world riddled with threats. But stronger safety and security involves extensive investment in tools and technologies.

Pixuate’s video analytics solutions are designed for scale, accuracy and impact. Easily integrated with most legacy security solutions, Pixuate elevates your safety and security efforts with AI-driven intuitive software.

Pixuate’s video intelligence platform provides analytics based on automatic screening, tracking and monitoring of objects and people, in real-time, reducing operational costs.

Search and monitor people by attributes such as gender, object.

Component 1 – 1
Effective Traffic Audit

Intelligent Face Recognition

Track people in any crowded environment easily in real-time.

Group 7
Efficient Crowd Management

Efficient Crowd Management

Managing large crowds in public spaces made easier, efficient and effective

Group 8
Search By Attribute

Search by Attribute

Search and monitor people by attributes, providing video intelligence that is accurate

Component 1 – 1
Effective Traffic Audit

Effective Traffic Audits

ANPR, automated traffic counter and vehicle classification system, improving traffic management 

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