Pixuate demonstrates its superior Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology to Delhi Police, Special Cell

Delhi Police Department special cell announced an Open Innovation Challenge 2021 to identify novel and emerging technological solutions from innovators, startups, MSMEs, and enterprises to tackle the problems affecting Delhi’s aging infrastructure and ever-growing traffic woes. The top solutions from winning startups and enterprises are to be further taken up for full-fledged commercial procurement by […]

The rising need for AI-enabled command centers for surveillance of critical infrastructure

Whether it be Banks, ATMs, other financial institutions, mobile towers, unmanned generator rooms, or large enterprises which comprise the critical infrastructure for the functioning of an economy they are prone to security threats, fire hazards, and intrusions. For instance, in 2020, the state of Bihar in India had the highest number of ATM fraud offenses […]

Rethinking Vehicle Speed Detection Systems – The need & challenges

Good road infrastructure and better traffic management can have a powerful multiplier effect for India. As it will enhance accessibility, facilitate more trade, improve mobility, generate greater employment opportunities, and boost the overall economic productivity. One of the significant steps taken by the Government of India is setting its vision to become a “toll plaza […]