ANPR ATCC – Freeflow Tollway [ RLVD, SVD, NHAI Audit ]

Actionable Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Analytics for smart vehicular operations management.


Toll Booths


traffic (1)

Traffic control

AI-powered video analytics helps better traffic management and tracks vehicles breaching  traffic reguations.

revenue (1)

Revenue control

Intuitive video analytics of vehicles helps smarter toll booth management and prevents revenue leakages.

parking (1)

Parking control

Commercial establishments can continuously monitor vehicle movement for better parking management.

On-premise, enterprise-wide real-time solutions

Be it busy intersections or large enterprises, Pixuate’s ANPR software is a robust and scalable software that can work with a single or multi-camera set up and process millions of images of vehicular movement, in real-time.

Data stored in on-premise centralized servers help data integrity and security besides facilitating compliance. Quicker and easier access to vehicular intelligence on-premise gives you greater control over critical data when you need it.

Tracking vehicular movement with AI-driven ANPR analytics

Automatic Number Plate Recognition requires sharp, speedy and accurate vehicular intelligence to enable timely interventions for smoother and better traffic control and vehicular operations management.

Pixuate’s ANPR enabled-software is built with advanced AI that helps monitor and identify vehicles based on several attributes in real-time, with > 95% accuracy. Traffic management agencies can now use automated and intelligent inputs for uninterrupted and safer traffic management.

Pixuate ANPR detects color brand model and License plate
ANPR using Security Camera

Analysis of 'live' feeds received from most IP compatible cameras

Pixuate’s Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) software is compatible with most IP cameras, capturing and analysing continuous feeds at multiple frames per second. 

Deep-learning algorithms is a continuous learning programme that keeps getting better and more accurate in processing video streams fed to it from different angles, lighting conditions be it day time or night time, and from stationary or moving vehicles of all types: 2, 3 and 4 wheelers as well as heavy vehicles.

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