Contactless Attendance


Automatic Number Plate Recognition


People Counting & Tracking


Contactless Attendance


Automatic Number Plate Recognition


People Counting & Tracking


Social Distance Tracking


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The Believers

At Pixuate we are always hungry to hire the dreamers and a good CV is something we are ready to take on, any time.

Haven’t found anything that matches your expertise? Just apply anyway and we’ll get in touch once we find something where you’d fit right in.


5 reasons why!

Working at Pixuate means different things for different people. Apart from the fact that we are an exciting startup and are working to make the world a better, safer and smarter place for all of us, we give you five key reasons that we think will make working together, an unbeatable partnership.

Reason 1: Ideas that need you

We are builders of products. We have a repository of problem-solving ideas that need to be brought to life. Which means that you will be working on exciting projects that would challenge you, stimulate you and fulfill you. 

Reason 2: More than just code

It’s not a cliché. At Pixuate we truly believe that work is not about filling time-sheets and being a clock-watcher. After all, who can beat the excitement of a ‘go live’ or a successful testing of a feature that you have worked on? If you want to experience that ‘high’ then Pixuate is where it’s all happening at.

Reason 3: Learning while you’re earning

When you’re working with the believers and dreamers, thinkers and innovators, there’s always something to learn from them. But more than that, we know the value of learning programs and certifications that help you keep up to date with your skills and get the edge that makes you a Pixuater.


Reason 4: Benefits designed for you

We designed benefits that we put a lot of thought into. From flexi-working hours, insurance cover for you and your immediate dependents, and maternity leave, a Pixuater can rest assured that the entire package with benefits is truly beneficial. 

Reason 5: Fun at work

A Pixuater is a young, passionate, vocal and fun person. After work, or lunch sessions are peppered with ping pong balls hitting the ceiling, hi-fives, loud cheering and a lot of arguments about who won and who lost at carrom, or chess. If you want to change the world, why not have fun while trying to do so, right?

Working at Pixuate means





We are a startup with the world at our feet. When you’re busy cracking tough problems, you’re also cranking up the growth opportunities that are opening up, allowing you to reach your full potential. Sky’s the limit, come reach up.


Skills, people, career – we nurture all of it. From merit-based assistance for special requests or encouraging physical fitness, and community programs, we understand that work is an extended family. Join in the celebration


Believers, innovators, dreamers or thinkers, whatever your claim, you can rest assured that the opportunities to create, build and expand your technology know how and portfolio will leave a lasting impact. Apply for impact.

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