Case Studies

Pixuate AI Self-Learning Platform: Automatic Traffic Count & Classifier System (ATCC)

A Case Study on how Pixuate’s Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and Automatic Vehicle Classification System (AVCS) helped a toll operator reduce loss & increase productivity

90% Protection from Revenue Loss

30% Increase in Labour Productivity 

15X ROI Within a Year

Toll Plazas in India on an average spend INR 46 lakhs per annum and are still unable to overcome:

  • Misclassification of vehicles. 

                  Eg: Tractor with trolley 🡪 Truck,   Bolero 🡪 Auto 

  • Return vehicle identification and matching.
  • Legacy platforms unable to classify new vehicles launched.
  • Set up a standardised audit mechanism 
  • > 15% instances of completely failing to identify elevated axles and tractors
  • Visual records for post-event investigation

Download this case study on Pixuate platform can optimise the vehicular movement and traffic at Tolls, Cities or Private Spaces.