Face Recognition – Contactless Attendance [ Free Flow & Low Light]

Face Recognition - Contactless Attendance

IP Camera based Free Flow Multi Face Low Light Contactless Attendance


Face Recognition technology keeping businesses safe

Small, medium or large, Pixuate’s industry-agnostic Face Recognition technology helps keep people safe with actionable video intelligence. With Face Recognition technologies, enterprises create high- impact security that helps maintain compliance of health regulations such as mask wearing and social distancing. 

Pixuate’s video analytics solution is built with deep learning algorithms powered by AI that can recognize facial attributes based on emotion, age or even gestures in real-time. This enables security personnel to identify potentially criminal behaviour and take quick and decisive actions, effectively creating a safer environment.

Real-time, accurate Face Detection

Pixuate’s Face Detection software architecture is designed to integrate with the camera/s quickly to provide real-time intelligence with a near 100% accuracy. Its machine learning algorithms only work with facial attributes and facial scans, ensuring security, without collecting or processing personal data.

Pixuate’s intuitive video intelligence platform helps to identify an object or a human face from within the images that are continuously streaming through a multi-camera setup. Its video analytics engine processes ‘live’ data and works with offline videos to detect faces from images as small as 100 x 100 pixels.

Flexible architecture for actionable intelligence

Pixuate’s Face Recognition and Face Detection technology has a flexible architecture enabling easy configuration, integration with existing infrastructure and deployment. It enables the detection of blacklisted people at specific locations and helps prevent and thwart criminal activity.

It can work regardless of location size or enterprise-environment, giving you complete visibility and control over your complete enterprise complex and facility. It functions effortlessly in any weather condition,at variable temperatures, in daylight or low light and is compatible with most IR security cameras used in an enterprise environment. 

Facial Recognition at work



Manufacturing Facility


Contactless attendance

Facial recognition biometrics for automated, contactless attendance makes work environments safer and more protected.



Centralized monitoring

A centralized dashboard with multiple feeds from different cameras, helps retail establishments get real-time alerts on suspicious activities.



Restricted access control

Ability to work with offline video feeds and ‘live’ cameras with recognition for faces as small as 40×40 pixels help with compliance at manufacturing facilities.

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