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Industry-Focused Enterprise Use Cases Crafted on Pixuate’s Powerful Image Recognition Algorithm

Retail Shelf Analytics

Retail Shelf Analytics

Looking to measure store KPIs quicker, smarter & more accurately?Say goodbye to manual store checks and stay ahead of competition with Pixuate’s powerful Retail Shelf Analytics that automates store insights along with actionable alerts.

  • SKU detection, logo detection, product counting & percentage shelf-space calculation
  • Multiple categories developed including soaps, deodorants, soft drinks, cigarettes, water purifiers & vacuum cleaners
  • Spaces covered include vending machines, retail stores, kirana shops and supermarkets
  • Real time updates for SKUs, stores & chains for smarter in-store performance
Brand Visibility Analytics (1)

Brand Visibility Analytics

Keen to optimize the eyeball count on your brand at sponsored events and live telecasts?

Our brand visibility analytics tool validates sponsored branding spend and helps brands convert their sponsored campaigns into measurable impressions. It also enables sports management and other events management committees to report brand outcome metrics to their sponsors.

  • Extract insights from live telecast of events such as sports, concerts, and award shows
  • Dashboard on analytics such as total duration of appearance and frequency of appearance of logo at various places like banners, digital banners, poster
  • Actionable reports with rankings, scores and visualizations on frequency & duration of logo appearance on player’s t-shirt, bats, racquets, etc.
  • Compare key metrics with competition through auto-recognition of brands from video streams
Unique Cattle Identification

Unique Cattle Identification

Pixuate’s Gomukh app can identify cattle uniquely based on their nose-print, similar to how people can be identified uniquely with their fingerprint. Once a cow is registered on the app, its unique ID is stored in the database along with its nose-print. When the same cow is photographed the next time, the app retrieves the animal’s details mapped to its unique id.

  • Gomukh can be used to monitor the usage of facilities and benefits allocated to a specific cattle such as animal insurance, Govt. benefits, animal health services, etc.
  • A user-friendly mobile app with intuitive UI that can be used to track cattle growth, health issues, utilization of animal welfare schemes, etc. 


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