Oxygen Level Monitoring

Real-time Alert System for Medical Oxygen Management in Hospitals

Remote Monitoring of Analog Meters for Cryogenic Tanks

The COVID Crisis and Stress on Healthcare Infrastructure

The second wave of COVID saw hospitals in India facing a 600% jump in medical oxygen demand. The oxygen consumption rate is also found to be highly varying on a day to day basis and at this critical juncture this calls for an urgent need to regularly monitor the oxygen usage rate for timely planning and procurement of medical grade oxygen to ensure hospital patients don’t suffer.

“Oxygen is one of the only treatments for severe COVID-19 infections. Without it, patients can suffocate.”

A Real-Time Alert and Prediction System

Pixuate has developed an AI system which includes a sensor (camera) which when placed near to the Oxygen cryogenic units of hospitals, can read the oxygen tank meter reading and provide continuous updates of the reading on a digital dashboard.

The key stakeholders of a hospital management receive customized alerts via SMS/Call/Email at regular intervals as defined, indicating key metrics – oxygen consumption rate, current oxygen meter level, number of hours left at current consumption rate, and critical levels.

The Pixuate platform on a real-time basis digitizes the oxygen meter reading and shows plots and usage patterns on the digital dashboard.

Inefficient Current Manual Monitoring

The oxygen level of cryogenic units can currently be monitored only with analog meters (DP meter) manually by a guard or personnel deployed near the cryogenic tank. Since the oxygen cryogenic unit is kept at very low temperature, digital meters are not allowed to be used in compliance to the fire safety norms. Also, digital meters or IOT sensors do not work as effectively at sub-zero temperature.

Overcoming Sub-zero Conditions and Complying to Safety Norms​

Overcoming sub-zero conditions and complying to safety norms​

Pixuate solution, which uses a camera as input device is placed at a safe distance away from the oxygen tank, and our proprietary AI software converts analog data to digital and transmits the information to key stakeholders of hospitals and government officials via a real-time dashboard.

Solving the Oxygen Allocation Issue​

The platform can also be accessed by State & Central Governments officials to monitor oxygen levels at a cluster of hospitals and decide on the allocation of oxygen units most diligently.

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