Person Tracking

People Counting and Person Tracking in real-time.

Automated and intelligent video-based analytics.

People Counting and Tracking for efficient facilities management

Railway Terminals


Retail Stores


Entrance and exit control

Avoid overcrowding and potential accidents at entrances and exits, with people tracking and counting.


Restricted access control

Monitor and prevent unauthorized entry of people in restricted and highly sensitive areas.


Monitoring people movement

Regulate queues at retail stores for smooth movement and better customer experience.

Person Tracking and counting, essential for increased security

Spaces with high density of people need to be constantly and continuously monitored from one centralized point for effective incident management and regulation of people movement.

Tracking and counting of people in real-time

Security personnel are tasked with keeping high human density spaces safe and secure. Security operations need smart video intelligence software that facilitates smooth people movement, minimizes intrusion or loitering and provides intelligence to predict unruly trouble-causing behaviour. 

Pixuate’s video analytics solution is built with machine-learning algorithms that learn to remove personally identifiable information from data sets, and pick only images and objects from video footage, to monitor and regulate people movement.

People counting within region of interest

Large campuses, factories, commercial spaces, bus terminals,  railway stations and airports are bustling with people. People tracking helps to monitor attendance, movement of people into restricted areas, identify blacklisted people, preempting breach of violations in high density areas.

Counting people in crowded spaces, regulating people movement at cash counters, exits or entrances, and ensuring health compliance by tracking social distancing quickly and accurately helps in effective incident management and seamless operations at high density areas.

Social distancing compliance made easy

In times of a global pandemic, people have to adhere to new health regulations as prescribed by their places of work or in public. With the advent of Covid-19,  enterprises and Govt. agencies have to constantly assess the level of risk to ensure their spaces can be used safely.

Pixuate’s intelligent video analytics software assigns unique IDs to every object in a video frame that can be tracked easily. With these unique IDs, the proximity between people can be tracked thus helping reduce the number of social distancing violations, keeping spaces safe for use.

Effective crowd management with video analytics

Managing large crowds at a public place or event is essential for incident-free crowd management.

With advanced video analytics  solutions like Pixuate, you can get real-time information which helps you to:

  • continuously monitor premises to get an average count of people at any specified instance
  • control crowds at entrances and exits  
  • detect people movement in restricted areas 
  • get notified of overcrowding in specified areas if it crosses a predefined threshold.

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