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Face Recognition

Track people with a whole range of attributes such as gender, age, or even facial expressions, providing behavioural insights and preempting incidents.

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People Counting

Multi-camera setup allows you to count people entering or exiting lobbies, buildings, campuses and other spaces, giving you full control over security operations.

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Person Tracking

Intuitive, highly accurate person-tracking technology that tracks multiple images per face, across ethnicities, that can help identify persons of interest and trigger manual interventions.

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Use the live camera feed to monitor vehicular movement within physical facilities or on busy streets in cities, for efficient management of traffic.

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Social Distance Tracking

Control and maintain social distance compliance during pandemic times with alarms raised in case of breach of pre-determined filters.

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Thermal Analytics

Control mass movements in high-frequency areas with rapid, contactless temperature detection, enhancing the protection of people during pandemic times.

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Axle-based Vehicle Classification

Analysis and daily reports of vehicle counting with real-time processing of video files and axle-based classification that eases vehicular flow and improves traffic management.

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Mask Detection

Identify and monitor people who wear masks, or the lack of it, and provide real-time intelligence for prompt and preventive interventions.

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Businesses today need advanced video surveillance and detection software and analytics technology that helps them keep their premises safe and their people secure.

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