Thermal Analytics – Temperature Screening [Free Flow & Semi Outdoor]

Thermal Analytics in a post-Covid world

An essential shield to keep your premises safe and secure.

How it works


Thermal cameras fitted in and around public hotspots​


Large sections of crowd screened at a time


Quick, automated and accurate detection of fever cases


Instant alerts, notifications and actionable analytics

Intuitive Thermal Analytics - keeping spaces safe

Pixuate’s thermal analytics solution can be deployed to monitor hotspots and enable quick and speedy local response in case of potential health risk.

Reducing the probability of potential infections

The world is suffering from a pandemic. Covid-19 has compelled enterprises, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, public utility spaces or even residential premises to invest in systems that help reduce the chance of potential infections.

Pixuate’s unique technology solution leverages video analytics with thermal imaging techniques to deliver accurate, real-time information about elevated body temperatures and minimize the spread of infection.

Contactless, analytics-backed solution, with centralized screening

In times of a pandemic like Covid-19, areas that experience mass human movement need to be monitored for compliance to public health measures such as masks, social distancing and body temperatures. 

Pixuate’s powerful analytics engine is continuously processing information coming in through thermal camera feeds. It reduces screening time and eliminates risky manual temperature checks by providing speedy and accurate actionable intelligence.

Making your premises ready for business-as-usual

Enterprise-wide tailored solutions that can help meet changing compliance regulations while keeping frontline workers and people safe by minimizing the risk of exposure to viruses is a challenge for businesses today. 

Pixuate’s video analytics is designed to give you automated alerts, daily statistics of people screened, crowd screening, no-mask detection or social distancing and temperature checks, ensuring your premises are ready for business-as-usual.

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