Use cases

Applications of Video Analytics.

Resolving challenges at work.

Public safety in times of Covid-19

Video analytics have transcended conventional applications. Today, video intelligence is used to harness the power of video data enabling enterprises across industries to make better decisions that help keep people and premises safe. In times of Covid-19, video analytics is being used to understand, identify, track and monitor movements of objects and people in real-time and process this information for security personnel to take suitable and prompt actions.

Contactless Attendance

Social Distancing

Mask Detection

Revenue Exposure to risk

Punching cards, registers and biometric attendance poses health risks in times of Covid. Video analytics using AI can capture facial data using high resolution cameras to find a match from existing data bases of facial scans to check for attendance. Ensure 100% contactless attendance and minimize risk of exposure and maximize health and safety precautions by monitoring breach of violations and intervening in real-time.

Ensure Mandatory Compliance

Maintaining social distancing between     people / employees, at entrances and exits in offices, malls or even public spaces is crucial to rein in the risk of spreading the virus. Use video intelligence to ensure mandatory regulatory compliance. Capture many people in a single frame, reducing waiting time and regulating entrances and exits based on IP thermal camera footage.

Implement Face Mask

With automated video intelligence, security staff can easily locate and monitor violations. The high degree of accuracy and detection in <1 sec (the highest in the industry), means that when a person is detected not wearing a mask, or has an elevated body temperature, security staff are instantly alerted to the risk, enabling them to take quick action.



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Parking Management