We can see the future of the world. Wearables are blending the fabric of the physical and the virtual. When your eye can be a camera and your brain a computer, you won’t need those heavy bricks in your hand called “smartphones”.

But before the future arrives there must be a revolution. It will obsolete everything we know about technology. That is why we have created Pixuate. Pixuate is an image processing framework built for the future. Get a glimpse into the future, where technology is built around you and the developer is the architect.

But even the most talented developer cannot work without the right tools. Pixuate is the framework he or she will need. It deals with image processing, the new paradigm of the computing world. You don’t need to learn whole new code. Pixuate packages all the technology into one place. Get face detection, feature detection, emotion detection, gender detection, license plate detection, image matching and optical character recognition out of the box.

Pixuate is the developers door to the future. If you are one, you need to take it!

Image Processing on Mobile Devices

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