Traffic Management and Security: How Pixuate’s Smart LPR Solution Can Mitigate the Drawbacks of Existing LPR Systems

Traffic and transportation are one of the biggest challenges of urban and semi-urban India today. A number of intelligent Traffic management systems are already gaining foothold in Tier I cities like Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai. For instance, the Delhi Traffic Police has taken the initiative to install a 3D radar-based Red-Light Violation Detection cameras (RLVD) system. Similarly, Bengaluru traffic police is installing hundreds of adaptive cameras across the city. Chennai, too, is looking to implement Red Light Violation Detection (RVLD) system by installing ANPR cameras under the Smart City programme.

Another intelligent transport intervention that has taken place very recently is the implementation of FASTag, that makes all toll payments collection via electronic mode, effective from Dec 01, 2019. Paying of toll charges using FASTag is now mandatory. It is an easy-to-use, reloadable tag that automatically deducts toll charges from a prepaid account. By eliminating cash transactions, the RFID technology reduces hassle and wait-time at all toll booths, like those on the national highways.

Smart Traffic Management is NOT So Smart - The Challenges of Existing LPR Solutions

The challenges and drawbacks of existing LPR are manifold:

  • They are not able to provide accurate results for Indian road conditions contrary to their claim. This is primarily because in India, number plates are not standard – they come in diverse fonts, shapes and sizes. Sometimes, number plates are even created in regional languages.

  • Many of these solutions require additional hardware for the implementation to happen. Such hardware includes loop detector, inbuilt cameras, IR profilers, etc. which require additional maintenance and installation and are also expensive.

  • Further, integration of traffic data to policy formulation, law enforcement, accident prevention, pollution control and congestion prevention are still not possible through existing solutions because of the above shortcomings.

  • Similarly, safety and security measures, intelligent vehicle tracking across cameras at entry and exit points and hassle-free, assisted parking are yet to become a reality due to functional limitations of the existing LPR solutions.

Pixuate LPR and Intelligent Video Analytics Platform

Intelligent Traffic Audit: Pixuate’s Intelligent LPR when combined with smart Traffic Cameras can detect traffic movements, vehicle flow at junctions and crossings, daily and hourly multi-lane vehicle counting reports classified by vehicle type (buses, cars, taxis, bikes, lorries, etc.), and data on optimizing the coordination of traffic lights to ensure that vehicles move as smoothly as possible without any major hiccups. These analytics are not only quintessential for effective management of traffic in cities but also act as critical inputs in framing traffic policies, road and safety rules, identifying appropriate timings for shifting roads to one-way or two-way and so on.

A detailed understanding of traffic patterns along with insights into the typical peak and non-peak periods can help identify where and when officers are most needed. If traffic is accumulating at an intersection, for example, the traffic center and the traffic police on the road can quickly coordinate among themselves to resolve the situation before it goes out of hand.

Safety Measures and Law Enforcement: Did you know? On an average, 16 people die and another 53 are injured every hour on Indian roads. By offering metrics like red-light/speeding/parking/U-turn/lane-switch violations, accidents can be prevented. Even when accidents occur, it can be detected quickly and measures to save lives can be hastened. Further, quick segregation of vehicles into black-list/white-list at the entry-exit points, vehicle classification, color detection and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), Pixuate’s intelligent LPR functions several notches above the existing LPR solutions. Even if someone removes the number plate from a stolen vehicle, for example, our algorithm can store the image of the vehicle, correlate the colour, make and model across multiple cameras to prevent it from being lost forever.

Assisted Parking for Better Utilization of Parking Spaces: Lastly, by calculating the vehicle occupancy time for parking slots, identifying the nearest available parking spot, and integrating the same with fuel availability, distance and mileage, our LPR solution can ease the burden of manually searching parking space every time, drivers’ frustration, underutilized parking lots and the tendency of drivers to park in freeways.

Concluding Note:

Despite implementing the existing LPR software, enormous amounts of time, money and manpower are required even in the metro-cities. This is true for even basic operations like day-to-day traffic regulation, route optimization, safety at entry-exit points, tracking lost/stolen vehicles and penalizing traffic rule violations as well as illegal parking, not to mention the larger aspects like implementing a smarter road and traffic policy and preventing collisions and accidents.

By opting for Pixuate LPR solution, law enforcement agencies, traffic management establishments, private and public parking management entities and road safety organizations can all benefit from intelligent video analytics and real-time alerts. Get in touch with us to know more about how we can help you.